Tommy Jamerson was born in North Carolina and raised in Northwest Indiana. He has been writing plays for over ten years. While in high school, he fell in love with musical theatre, propelling him to continue his education in the arts. He attended and graduated from Indiana State University, studying theatre, with a concentration in playwriting and directing. While there, he was presented with the Angel of the Year: Humanitarian Scholarship, wrote for the Gendered Hate and Violence Conference 2007, and served as a judge for the Midwest High School Playwriting Competition. After earning his Bachelor of Science, he moved to Atlanta (GA) to work for the Horizon Theatre Company as a playwriting apprentice where he worked as the sole librettist on the Cher-themed jukebox musical, GYPSIES, TRAMPS, & THIEVES.


His children's plays, PRINCESS PIGFACE, THE BIG BAD BULLYSAURUS, ALICE THE BRAVE & OTHER TALES FROM WONDERLAND, and CHOOSE YOUR OWN OZ have all received numerous productions around the country along with his mature-themed shows, MURDEROUS INNOCENT and LOVE/FANTASY. THE BIG BAD BULLY SAURUS and PRINCESS PIGFACE were recently published through YouthPLAYS Publishing, and BULLYSAURUS is currently on an East Cast Tour presented through the Walnut Street Theatre Group. Also, his tongue-in-cheek adaptation, FROM HAIR TO ETERNITY: THE UNBEWEAVEABLE ADVENTURES OF RAPUNZEL, was picked up for publication by Big Dog Publishing.

His adult,  one-act campy comedy, RAGS TO BITCHES: A BATTLE OF WITS & WIGS, recently won Best Short Play at the 14th Annual Downtown Urban Theatre Festival in New York City. Tommy holds an MFA in Playwriting from the University of New Orleans and resides in Caldwell (NJ) with his husband, Mark, and their dog, Darby. Tommy holds an MFA in Playwriting from the University of New Orleans and is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild.

“You are a living
mockery of your own ideals. If not, you have set your
ideals too low.”
-Charles Ludlam