Princess Pigface


“A funny and fast-paced fairytale…I loved it!” 

- Lawrenceville Patch

Fusion: Dance of the Sun


“Tommy Jamerson has crafted a play that can be appreciated by all ages of viewers and recognizes the unique traditions of the under-represented Native American community."
Murderous Innocent



“A unique, contemporary drama.…powerful and full of hope.”

– The Lion’s Roar​

“…ready yourself for an intense 80 minutes.”
Livingston Parish 

Recent Reviews

Hanky Panky with a Yankee



“The script is tight and filled with comedy and conflict, love and laughter.”    –

“A makeshift fairytale that’s really cute and really fun…”Houston Press
Alice the Brave and Other Tales from Wonderland

“Magical, colorful, and larger-than-life.”

-Daily Press



The Big Bad Bullysaurus

“Funny, exciting, and encouraging with great interaction! Most importantly the kids learned a great lesson from the story.”

- Bowie State University Gazette

"...excellent entertainment. “The Big Bad Bullysaurus" is right on cue with engaging characters, colorful costumes and catchy original tunes wrapped around an anti-bullying lesson that focuses on understanding others and treating everyone kindly.

- Libby Spence, Butts County Public Library


Rags to Bitches: A Battle of Wits & Wigs



“[A] rollicking catfight.”    – ​George Heymont, Huffington Post
“During these tense, angst ridden days before the election we can use some belly-laughs which Jameson’s play gave us with “Rags to Bitches”: Rival transgender divas- Poppy played by Neil Higgins, and Dynasty, Connor Fatch-  vie for the prize, a blonde wig is stolen and returned." – Gaetana Caldwell-Smith,
Eternal Flamer: The Ballad of Jessie Blade

"Most fun I've had in a theater since the time I lip-synched in drag as Samantha Fox and my high school crush came up behind me and groped my “tits” — Eternal Flamer: The Ballad of Jessie Blade, a play by Tommy Jamerson, directed by Alex Acevedo. [...] The ensemble cast in this production — for which exactly zero of the performers would ever need to be told, 'Go broader!' — complements Jamerson's mostly clever, always funny writing. [...] See this when you can, because this piece will pop up again somewhere."
- Matthew Rettenmund,